Trademark Registration

You can register a trademark with the aid of GSPU, a Top Trademark Consultant in Bahrain. Given that it serves as the marker separating a company’s goods or services from those of its rivals, a trademark is one of the most prized assets of any company. Additionally, the trademark helps customers or customers recognise the company’s products or services.
The 1992 Trade Mark Law, which was amended in 2002, authorizes trademark protection. By registering the relevant symbol, any business or natural person may benefit from trademark protection law. A trademark may be a name, word, image, phrase, or any symbol or combination of characters, according to the Trade Mark Law.
However, if you have a lot on your plate, you can always contact GSPU for Best Trademark Services in Bahrain. We being the Best Trademark Consultancy in Bahrain support all sizes of businesses in protecting their intellectual property rights with the Top Trademark Services in Bahrain.

Among our IP services are:
1. Trademark Registration in the Middle East and GCC.
2. Assignment of Trademarks
3. Trademark Combination
4. Copyright Registration.
5. Registration of patents and industrial designs in the GCC.
6. Customs trademark recording.
7. Registration of products.

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