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World-class accounting services by GSPU: Professional accountants working on financial documents.

World-class accounting

Providing world-class accounting for a clientele that is satisfied and ever-increasing

Financial and Taxation Services : GSPU

Financial & Taxation services

Providing financial & taxation services for a clientele that is satisfied and ever-increasing.


Years of practical experience

a leading Advisory ,Tax Consulting and Professional Accounting Specialist in Qatar

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional approach
  • Firm technical standards
  • Compliances & governances
A diverse group of five professionals is having a meeting around a conference table in the bright, modern GSPU office with large windows and city views.


A leading professional Audit firm in Qatar

We provide services in audit and assurance, accounting and financial advisory, business advisory, company incorporation and management consultancy. Our partners and professional staff strive to achieve astonishing growth based on our Unique Perceptions. We also have a strong moral commitment through a group of well-known and certified accountants, which makes us one of the best audit firm in Qatar

Our Services

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Audit & Assurance

Audit & assurance services are crucial in ensuring a company's operations & adherence to international standards through a systematic review of accounts, controls and financial statements.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

GSPU's accounting and bookkeeping services are vital for Qatari companies, ensuring legal compliance, maintaining financial records, and facilitating growth and adaptation to their size and nature.

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Business Consuting

GSPU offers specialized business counselling services to Bahraini businesses, guiding them in obtaining professional advice on tax, legal, business, and accounting services.

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Other Services

GSPU provides essential corporate services, including financial and marketing, to clients across various industries, ensuring they can effectively serve as a financial and marketing partner according to their needs.

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Our Global Presence

We serve large and medium 500+ Global Conglomerates across diversified sectors. Our client relationships are more than just business partnerships: we aim to understand people as well as business and build long-standing relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We care about the success of our clients and are committed to delivering value. We adopt a professional
approach, and our clients must enjoy working with us.
Our global network means local resources backed by a truly global network – no matter where you do business. This is just one part of GSPU’s commitment to delivering exceptional client service.

  • Business partnerships than customer relationships
  • Personalized approach and customized solutions
  • Global & Local knowledge and experience
  • Integrated service instead of independent solutions
  • Six diverse employees are stands around a table, hands raised in unity and collaboration at GSPU.


    We are committed to creating and sustaining long-term relationships which draw on our experience and expertise to help our clients achieve real success.

    A man in a professional setting focused on a phone call about the audit, representing communication excellence at GSPU.


    Served with quality, reliability & integrity, commitment, dedication and devotion to profession,adherence to professional standards and ethical values, social and economic commitment to the nation and people.


    We have special features making us a part of a successful business.

    We are an essential partner for every successful business because of our modern technology, professional employees, detailed analytics and reporting tools, and outstanding service to customers, all makes certain that our customers receive timely assistance and direction whenever needed.

    A man presents plans about audit to attentive colleagues, fostering collaboration and innovation at GSPU.

    Industries We Serve

    Supreme Brands get their commercial clarifications from GSPU!!!

    99.9% Customer satisfaction based on 750+ reviews and 20,000 objective resource

    Simple, intutive & experts crafted

    Keep business safe & ensure high availability

    Knowledge base

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    Customer request

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    Delighted Business Partners

    Leveraging portfolio across diversified sectors

    Global Clients
    100 +
    Best consultation from experienced and skilled specialists with significant insight and assistance,
    geared particularly to your needs, ensuring that clients receive top-notch consultation that will
    help you make educated decisions and achieve your goals.

    Our Presence

    The flag of India, representing GSPU's presence and operations in India
    The flag of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), symbolizing GSPU's operations and presence in the UAE.
    The flag of Oman, representing GSPU's operations and presence in Oman
    The flag of Bahrain, symbolizing GSPU's operations and presence in Bahrain
    The flag of Saudi Arabia, symbolizing GSPU's operations and presence in Saudi Arabia
    The flag of the United Kingdom, symbolizing GSPU's operations and presence in the UK

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